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Trade mission from Kenya to the Netherlands: ICT solutions for logistics - September 2012

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Trade mission from Kenya to the Netherlands

Teampro in conjunction with Kenya Shippers Council and Kenya Association of Manufacturers is organizing a trade and investment mission from Kenya to the Netherlands. This mission is supported by The Dutch Government through its agency, NL EVD International, under the Ministry of economic affairs through the CPA programme. The focus of this mission will be ICT solutions for the transport and logistics sector. The goal of the mission is to expose the stakeholders of the transport and logistics sector in Kenya; these include transporters, manufacturers, importers and exporters to how the Dutch have utilized ICT in enhancing efficiency in the Dutch logistics sector.  Through this mission we hope to:

  • Match Dutch and Kenyan companies based on their specific interests to develop and implement tailor made ICT solutions in their businesses
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics sector in Kenya through promotion of trade [business] & investments in ICT solutions as a result of cooperation with Dutch companies
  • Promote transfer of knowledge and technology from the Dutch expertise and to highlight opportunities in the logistic sector in Kenya that could benefit

Trade mission focus areas:

Some of the IT mobility solutions available in The Netherlands and are proposed as focus of this mission includes:

  1. Mobility systems (fuel efficiency and efficient route choice, platooning, trip-departure planning and automatic engine shutdown),
  2. Fleet management systems,
  3. Human behaviour in traffic (Eco-driving coaching and assistance),
  4. E-logistics (Information flow management, information on goods in the warehouses as well as information on shipments on their way to customers),
  5. E-shipment
  6. Tracking and tracing
  7. Data collection software
  8. Customer application systems
  9. Warehouse management systems (WMS) to support the warehouse activities
  10. Software custom application development
  11. Middleware
  12. Bar coding mobile printing software

Potential benefits to companies

  • Adaptive cruise control which controls the speed of the vehicles on transit with programmes times of arrival and departure
  • Fleet platooning with vehicle modification such as automatic engine shut down, braking controls: enhances fleet management by keeping fleet of vehicles in close distance to each other during flight
  • Eco driver assistance and coaching indicating energy use by drivers
  • Fuel efficiency route choice and trip departure planning
  • Cost reduction: fleet management, fuel management, maintenance costs and time management
  • Excellent and reliable service deliver
  • Excellent customer relations as a result of the efficiency on the supply chain
  • Improves the safety of drivers
  • Ability to track the productivity of sales fleet through mileage monitoring
  • Improve the responsiveness of companies to customer demands
  • Competitive pricing of products and services through reduction of transport related costs
  • Enhances warehouse management activities including intake, storage, distribution, cycle counting, and other value added services
  • Real time tracking and tracing of cargo on transit.

Target companies

  • Transport companies - Haulage
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Cargo owners [importers and exporters]
  • Courier companies

If you are interested to participate kindly contact Teampro Kenya Limited, Maureen Munjua, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: +254 714 563 673.