Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Energy Services Overview

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KAM in conjunction with the Ministry Of Energy established the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CEEC).The Centre runs energy efficiency and conservation programs designed to help companies identify energy wastage, determine saving potential and give recommendation on measures to be implemented.

The Centre provides professional technical services for developing, designing and implementing energy efficiency projects to suit the needs of commercial, institutional and industrial consumers. The main aim is to reduce cost and enhance competitiveness and profitability while promoting a clean and healthy environment.


The overarching objective of CEEC includes;

  • Engage in the development of a national focus on energy efficiency and conservation activities.
  • Increase public awareness on Energy Efficiency and conservation and access to information.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of energy conservation measures through the development and implementation of bankable projects.
  • Provide valuable expertise for promotion and institutionalization of energy efficiency and conservation.