Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Energy Audits

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CEEC offers subsidized energy auditing services with the support from the government of Kenya (Ministry of Energy) and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), the Centre runs an energy audit programme which is open to all companies doing business in Kenya and are interested in reducing their energy consumption and increasing profits.

CEEC will audit your facility and give recommendations that can save your enterprise between 15% and 30% of your energy budget.

Energy Management Trainings.

The Centre also offers Energy trainings at subsidized fee. The trainings cover a wide scope of courses with practical approaches to energy management by offering hands-on approaches to assist industries successfully implement energy management programs in the current energy scenario

The energy trainings serve to equip participants with understanding on how to apply energy management principles resulting in reduced energy consumption and significant cost savings.

Energy Management award (EMA).

EMA is an annual award that promotes excellence in energy management & recognizes enterprises that have achieved significant reduction in their energy consumption through implementation of energy efficient measures and technologies.

EMA offers Sponsorship Opportunities which provides a platform for sponsors to be recognized and applauded for playing a key role in promoting energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Accord

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) through its Centre of Energy Efficiency and Conservation and with support of GIZ has developed an Energy Efficiency Accord as a way of encouraging large industrial energy to voluntarily commit to reduce energy consumption in their companies.

The Accord is a voluntary agreement between the Company and the Kenya Government where the company commits to saving energy through agreed measures.

Other Activities

The centre other activities include Energy Manager Certification(CEM), Identifying,developingand implementing bankable energy efficiency projects, developing energy usage benchmarks for various sectors of the economy, supporting the government in formulating and implementing policies aimed at encouraging rational use of energy, Building linkages with other stakeholders in the Energy field among other many activities.