Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Coast Chapter

The city of Mombasa has enormous unrealised potential with one of the best deepwater harbours in eastern Africa and a central location on the coastal strip. Despite  these attributes, and notwithstanding a healthy tourism industry, Mombasa’s economy has stagnated to the extent that dilapidated infrastructure and widespread poverty presently characterise the city

The economy has stagnated in recent decades, failing to take full advantage of the town’s strategic location as a port city and important tourist East Africa, West Africa,  America and destination. Local mismanagement and marginalisation by the central government are two factors that have been blamed for Mombasa’s underperformance.

Over one-third of the city’s population currently stands at approximately 939,370 people. The manufacturing sector in Mombasa employed a total of approximately 36,696 people in 2008 Mombasa Chapter has a total membership of 92 members, while non KAM members who are manufacturers are 35 Some of the products that are produced by companies in Mombasa include wearing apparels, corrugated sheets, cooking sets, aluminum kettles, aluminum sufurias, bottled drinking water, bottled juices, casseroles, deep frying fat, fish, footwear, glass bottles, kikoy clothing, kerosene stoves, steel pipes, paper, petrol, and rubber products.

The main markets for the products are East Africa, West Africa, America and Europe while the inputs are imported from China, India and local sources

Issues affecting members

  • Land Rate Increament
  • Vessel delay surchage by shipping companies
  • CFSs Verification charges
  • Inefficient water supply 
  • High electricity cost
  • Poor road networks

The Coast Chapter has the following elected Members for its Executive Committee:
1.   Munir Thabit - Chairman (Malindi Salt works)
2.   Jinal Shah - Vice Chairman (Mzuri Sweets) 
3.   Nimish Shah - Treasurer (Flora Printer) 
4.   Paul Byomkesh - Committee member (Cook n Lite Ltd)  
5.   Jitin Shah - Committee member (Pearly waters) 
6.   Joe Lithimbi - Committee member (Associated Vehicle Assemblers)
7.   Sailesh Shah - Committee member (Kenya Suitcase manufacturers) 
8.   Shafiq Makrani - Committee member (Kitchen King)  
9.   Shiraz karmali - Ex –officio (Kamyn Industries limited)
10.  Ashok Shah - Committee Member (Umoja rubber)
11.  Paresh Patel - Committee member (Diamond Industries ltd)   
12.  Peter Sol Rogers- Committee member (Wananchi Marine Ltd)   
13.  Hasmita Patel- Committee member (Krystalline Salt Ltd)   
14.  Mohamed Rashid - Committee Member (Milly Glass Ltd)
15. Akram Mohammed- Committee Member (Corrugated Sheets Ltd) 

Munir Thabit - Malindi Salt Works
P.O Box:  87074-80100 Mombasa
Tel No: +254-41-2494611-6
Fax No: +254-41-2491656
Wireless No: 020-8088402/3/4/5
Cell phone No: +254720810999
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information contact Chapter Executive Officer & Secretary to the Committee:
Ms. Susan Gitau
KAM Coast Chapter
Mombasa Uni-Plaza, 7th Floor, Off Moi Avenue,
PO Box 90323-80100 GPO Mombasa,
Tel/Fax: +254 041-2317119 Wireless: 020 235 1893
Email: Susan.Gitau[at]