Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Membership Development

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KAM is owned, funded and managed by its members.  Over 80 per cent of our members are based in Nairobi while the rest are spread out in other major towns and regions.  Over the last decade, KAM has pursued a deliberate and aggressive membership growth strategy within the manufacturing and value-add industries with a keen focus on SMEs.  KAM represents of value-add industries in Kenya, having more than doubled its membership from 265 in 2001 to close to 700 in 2014.  Membership has been growing at an annual rate of 15 per cent on average.  Members engage through Sectors, Working Committees and Chapters. 

Membership at KAM is structured in these categories, namely:

Ordinary Membership: For companies directly involved in processing, manufacturing or any other value addition activities.

Associate/Consultancy Membership: This is extended to firms which have direct interest in the expansion of industry either through the provision of services or other inputs.

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